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New Jersey beaches expand the length of the state and anyone raised here knows most people have one goal: own a beach house. In this article, we will cover the key elements to Jersey Shore Design.

Generally, Old School Jersey Shore homes were filled with wood panelling and knick knacks but those days are ending. It’s time to say goodbye your grandmother’s designs and hello to the new world of beach houses.

With the move to open floor plans, organic and clean designs have been the central part to keeping the flow of house inviting and functional. We use large scale windows and daylight to accentuate beautiful views and natural design elements.

Nicole Kirsch, Lead Designer PDG

Beach Centered Design Styles

  • Modern Coastal
  • Minimal
  • Costal Cottage

Basically, Jersey Shore Design centers on all three styles. Read on to discover the differences and similarities of each style.

What is Modern Coastal Design?

  • Sleek Lines
  • Coastal Inspired
  • Relaxed and Inviting living space

Unquestionably, Modern Coastal designs at the Jersey Shore are about blending sleek lines found in modern designs with a coastal influence from natural surroundings. At the beach, we are blessed with an endless expanse of ocean views so we weave that inspiration into our material choices for a client’s home design. Every design has the client’s proprieties in mind, and are about creating an entertaining home for a lot of friends and family.

Modern Coastal Designer

What is Minimal Design?

  • Clean Lines
  • Neutral Palette
  • Open Floor Plan

Minimalist Designs are particularly suited for clients who hate clutter. Working from naturally open floor plans found in a minimalist home, our design team creates beautiful and clean lines. By chiefly incorporating furniture considered essential to daily living we implore a ‘less is more’ mentality. What is essential? Places to sit, functional coffee tables, and simple furniture pieces. To make the design feel livable we use textures rather than mixed patterns and colors.

Minimalist Design Jersey Shore
Minimalist Kitchen Designs at the Jersey Shore

What is Coastal Cottage Design?

  • Seaside elements and colors
  • Inspiration from beach found items like driftwood
  • Lighting inspired by natural textures and ocean reflections

Specifically, Coastal Cottage is closer to the beach houses of the past. However, they incorporate natural light and organic texture elements. This style brings new meaning to beach houses by crafting a beach focused story throughout the entire space.

Coastal Cottage Design

Which is for you?

Basically, the nuances between Modern Coastal Design, Costal Cottage Design and Minimalist Design are slight but have a large overall impact on the feel of your home. Unquestionably, our design team will help you choose a direction by taking into account your needs and use of your space. Planning for a good flow, a beautiful space and a smart aesthetic will create a home that is perfect for you.

November 9, 2022

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