Creating a Cozy Living Room for Winter

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2023 designs are all about warm and cozy vibes and what better way to refresh your style than create a cozy living room you won’t want to leave. Here are some easy suggestions for crafting a new look in the same space you already have.

10 Tips for a Cozy Living Room

  1. Hang art-work
  2. Layer with pillows
  3. Add texture with a cozy blanket
  4. Place candles throughout the space
  5. Add warmth
  6. Mood lighting
  7. Bring nature inside
  8. Furniture that has movement
  9. Use a collection of family heirlooms or sentimental items
  10. Coffee table books

Hang Art-Work

Using new art is a perfect way to create an overall vibe change the fits the cozy living room theme. You can showcase your personality and a little creativity. Art can be a major investment or an easy and affordable way update the space. Come to our showroom to see our curated selection for your home!

Layer with Pillows

Who doesn’t love to snuggle into a pillow nest after a hard day at work? Building layers with pillows adds opportunity to play with patterns and colors – and let’s not forget comfort! Pro tip: For maximum cozy living room look, give your large pillows a chop to look lived in and inviting.

Pillow Chop for cozy living!

Add texture with a cozy blanket

In addition to pillows, a cozy throw blanket can be the worlds best cuddle tool. Grab a soft and chunky blanket and drape it on the to create visual texture. A bonus of using this is being able to get cozy underneath it on the couch!

Place candles throughout the space

There are studies that show exactly how pleasant aromas can impact your mood and we are all about it! Grab your favorite candle (or come visit our showroom for a new one) and set the mood. A candle not only freshens up the smells of your home but creates a chill ambient light that encourages relaxation.

Add Warmth

Using warm color tones and rich wood finishes you can find the perfect mix of elegance and comfort that will bring cozy to the foreground. Cozy living rooms are all about layers of warmth and by mixing in tones that feel intimate, you will automatically make people want to curl up.

Mood Lighting

We all know lighting can completely change a scene. Think about how you feel on a gloomy day versus a bright sunny one. For a cozy living room, we want to use candlelight, a fireplace, or soft light to overtake your mind and allow you to begin to relax. After all, the whole point of creating a space like this is to relax.

Cozy Living Room Lighting

Bring Nature Inside

By using real or dried plants you can create dimension and beauty that compliment your space. Typically, beautiful arrangements evoke pleasure feelings which in turn will allow people to feel at home.

Furniture that has Movement

Utilizing Statement pieces of furniture that have curved edges give opportunity to make conversation areas in a way that straight edges do not. Not only can your organize seating to encourage conversation but these beautiful furniture pieces often spark conversation.

Use a Collection of Family Heirlooms or Sentimental Items

Photo books, memorable items, or family heirlooms are a great way to include a thoughtful element which will not go unnoticed. If you’ve had photographs done of your family or if you have something special from a past generation you can layer it on a coffee table or display it artfully on the walls.

Coffee Table Books

A perfect way to infuse personality in your space is to curate a collection of coffee table books that will allow guests to grab one and check it out. Once you sit and your attention is snagged by something interesting in front of you, you almost have no choice sit back and relax into your beautiful cozy living room.

Cozy Living Rooms for your guests and yourself!

Overall – creating a beautiful sitting room is more than just picking pretty items. It’s about having a space that you love to hang out in at the end of a long day or creating a spot your friends and family will love to congregate in.

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January 25, 2023

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